The Agri-Cult project creates a “recycling” methodology by examining EU funded projects in the fields of agri-food and cultural entrepreneurship.

Start: 27 12 2022
Finish: 26 12 2023


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The Agri-Cult project creates a “recycling” methodology by drawing on integrated projects funded by the EU in the fields of agri-food and cultural entrepreneurship. It aims to inspire a new culture of creative use of research and to create innovative training material that will help agri-food professionals to integrate cultural heritage into their practices. We are four organisations from Europe and we decided to work together on this project because:

  • We believe in collaborative processes and believe that the co-creation process between partner organisations and the target group can make a difference and lead to a final product that is carefully tailored to their needs. Co-creation is the only way to ensure that people will decide to use Agri-Cult’s training materials.
  • We have identified a number of gaps in existing training materials on agri-food and cultural entrepreneurship, especially in rural and regional areas
  • We recognise the importance of small agri-food producers as actors that can create a positive economic and environmental impact by reducing the environmental footprint of their production and adapting their business strategies
  • We strongly believe in promoting the cultural value of agri-food heritage and highlight how agri-food and cultural heritage can be combined to create comparative advantages for European agri-food products and make them competitive in order to increase their exports.
  • We take into account the fact that for the food chain to function properly, it must contribute to the economy in a sustainable way, which also means that its actors must be economically sustainable and exchange knowledge, and we propose the innovative Agri-Cult toolkit,
  • We believe in sustainability, long-term impact and synergies. Therefore, we propose the creation of the first European Network for Agri-Food and Cultural Entrepreneurship to provide support for networking, funding, and knowledge transfer.
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Objectives of AgriCult

  • Promoting research and creative use of EU projects’ best practices on agri-food and cultural entrepreneurship
  • Promoting co-creation practices and direct involvement of the target group in the creation of the educational material.
  • Creating an innovative toolbox for agri-food and cultural entrepreneurship with a clear environmental focus that will stimulate the outward-looking of EU agri-food products from rural and regional areas
  • Promoting synergies between entrepreneurs active in the fields of agri-food and cultural entrepreneurship at pan-European level
  • Raising awareness of the importance of local agri-food products and promoting healthy and environmentally friendly dietary patterns.

Results of Agricult

  • A methodology on how to produce creative and well-documented “recycling” of previous EU-funded projects in order to exploit their results.
  • A workshop in each partner’s country during which the research findings will be presented and the toolkit will be co-created with the target group.
  • A ready-to-use, interactive, free toolkit on Agri-Food and Cultural Entrepreneurship will be posted on the project website.
  • A website, targeted social media campaigns and an extensive stakeholder database that will lead to the creation of the first European network for Agri-Food and Cultural Entrepreneurship.