AGRICULT has been recognized as a good practice!


We are thrilled to announce that our small-scale partnership AGRICULT has been recognized as a good practice!

What did we do?

We researched the results of 60 EU funded projects.

We presented them to our target groups in Greece, Italy and Spain.

We co-created with our target groups, according to their needs, the AGRICULT tool-kit, which contains case studies and various other valuable information regarding agrifood and cultural entrepreneurship!

We established the first pan-European network of that brings together professionals from the agrifood and cultural sectors.

What we hope for?

Our goal is to support our members and facilitate creative synergies between the agrifood and cultural sectors that will lead to unique and sustainable products and services.

What is next?

Our first network activities will take place in autumn 2024 in Greece, including talks, workshops, culinary events and much more!

How to stay updated & be involved:

Register in the network here:

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