Crime and Nourishment

A thrilling where tangible and intangible cultural heritage, theatre and history meet local communities!

Food to eat and games to play.
Tell me why, tell me why.
Serve it out and eat it up.
Have a try, have a try.”

Brian Jacques


“Crime and Nourishment” started in 2019, when two socio-cultural initiatives, Urban Game and The Heritage of Taste, met under the START Create Cultural Change program, and decided to co-create! We combined gamification techniques with theatre, gastronomy, oral testimonies of local communities and tangible & intangible cultural heritage, and created a unique mystery game for people of all ages, that aims to transfer knowledge and raise awareness around culinary, environmental and cultural issues .

“Crime and Nourishment” creates every time a different mystery scenario which the participants are called upon to solve, having as hints various traditional dishes and local agri-food products. The goal of the game is to connect the participants experientially and sensorially with places and local communities through taste. In this way, it highlights the culinary heritage of various regions and their people, whose experiences have often been passed over by “official” history.

“Crime and Nourishment” takes place in theaters, cultural venues, outdoors in the form of historical walks as well as online,, so it can be applied anywhere in the world!From 2019 to date, “Crime and Nourishment” has taken place in person in Larissa, Athens and Thessaloniki and online during the pandemic. It has promoted Thessalian products in Germany, England and France, supporting local communities and artists.

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