The Heritage of Taste

We explore, document and promote the complex and fascinating relationship between food, heritage, history and the human condition!

A pot of basil may symbolize the soul of a people better than a play of Aeschylus

Ion Dragoumis


The Heritage of Taste is a socio-cultural initiative which was launched with the support of START Create Cultural Change Fellowship programme, aiming at documenting cultural practices related to food and health. Since 2018 it has been collecting oral testimonies of people of older generations, preserving food practices of the past and exploring how and why food is such a memorable experience sensorially, socially and performatively.

With the aim of empowering local communities and the creatively use archival material, the collected interviews were archived and presented as video exhibits in museums and cultural venues, in order to give “voice” to ordinary people and “space” to their experiences. The rich archive of oral testimonies regularly feeds QUALIA with inspiration and audiovisual material for the creation of innovative gastronomic events, as well as artistic projects focusing on culinary traditions and memories. The Heritage of Taste broadened the scope of approaching gastronomic practices and heritage through oral history, aiming not only at documenting and and preserving experiences food related experiences, but also work on their visual representation.